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Veterans have been through enough. After serving their country, veterans shouldn't have to battle for the benefits, medical care and services they have earned. There are organizations that can help, especially when a veteran is facing poverty or homelessness. These programs assist both veterans and their families in times of need.

For general information about benefits and services available to veterans, visit the Department of Veterans Affairs.


  • The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles’ Veterans Justice Center also helps veterans with benefits, housing and a variety of other issues. Services are available to Los Angeles county veterans. Call (800) 399-4529.
  • Public Counsel's Center for Veterans Advancement (CVA) stabilizes the living situation of veterans and their families, secures government benefits, and provides veterans with needed legal representation. An extensive network of pro bono attorneys allows CVA to help veterans nationwide with a wide range of issues. Call (323) 385-2977, extension 301.

Veterans can also reach services for issues such as family law and public benefits by taking our General Legal Check-Up or by calling 2-1-1 in their county.  In addition, Levitt & Quinn Family Law Center offers low-cost legal help with spousal and child support issues.  For more information, call (213) 482-1800, extension 300.


For years, advocates fought to defeat the government’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Now, several organizations continue to provide legal and other services to LGBT veterans:

  • American Veterans for Equal Rights is the oldest and largest chapter-based, all-volunteer national LGBT Veterans Service Organization and the nation’s only LGBT VSO recognized by the Veterans Administration.
  • For information about Veterans spousal benefits after the fall of the Defense of Marriage Act, go to Veterans Spousal Benefits (PDF).
  • OutServe-SLDN provides free legal counseling to service members with legal issues stemming from discrimination on a range of LGBT/HIV issues. Legal help includes upgrades and corrections to discharge paperwork. For more information, call (800) 538-7418 x100 or email


Women face unique challenges during their military service, including sexual harassment and assault at the hands of their fellow soldiers. After military service, many women do not self-identify as veterans and are unaware that they are entitled to a whole range of benefits. Women Vets Rock and the California Women’s Law Center both provide information, resources and a sense of community for women veterans.